Cake Party

Inspired by a recent visit to Canada’s Baking & Sweets show in Toronto, Maiu and I thought we would give a shot at making a couple very special cakes, for a very special day.  Four years ago today she said YES when I asked her if she would marry me.  Needless to say, I’m still over the moon, and it’s time to make some cakes to celebrate.

First we need some tools of the trade.


IMGP5596This is our first time working with fondant.  To be honest, I have never even heard of it until recently.  It kind of feels like Play-Doh, but it tastes much better 🙂

First we baked a few small cakes.  Once they cooled, we put them in the freezer for a couple hours.  This makes them easier to work with later when we need to shape them.cakesThe fondant needs to be kneaded first to soften it, then you’re able to roll it out.  Don’t forget the corn starch (or powdered sugar) on the mat, otherwise it WILL stick.  This I learned the hard way.

IMGP5603Once you’ve got your fondant rolled out, you can then carefully place it on the cake.  I really have to stress the ‘carefully’ part.  I find putting a small layer of icing over the cake so that the fondant will stick nicely.  You can then trim off the edges.  If you find that you have some tears in the fondant, this can be repaired with a little bit of shortening.

IMGP5614Fondant can also be used for decorations.  See here, this is me proposing to a pink blob.  Lucky for me the she turned out to be an incredible woman (and still is).

IMGP5619We were able to find markers with edible ink.  This would have been handy in high school for those days where I really wanted a snack, but couldn’t have food in class.

IMGP5631Final results after a LOT of trial and error.  Ta-dah!!

RSP_8314My cake in the left, Maiu’s in the right side. Pick your favourite! 😉



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