Did Fall warn you yet?

patsillidWe have had an awesome beginning of fall here in Toronto, sunshine, temperature over 20 C degrees and I have been enjoying this weather every day, wearing short sleeve tops. So last Friday night/Saturday morning our very nice fall gave me a little warning that this is not the nice summer 20 C degrees but the little colder fall temperature. Anyways, I felt a little sick – slow, weak and with a small hint of fever. You know the feeling.

And of course I stayed warm and rested because that helps with the BIG immune battle. And drank a lot of water. But I didn’t think it was enough and since I’m not very fond of pills (any more), I decided to look up natural cold remedies, something easy that I can make at home, AND that works fast since I wanted to attend this years Nuit Blanche. This is my favourite event in Toronto.

I’m allergic to honey!  Most of the cold remedies contain honey 😦 I was very sad.

I had to come up with my own – ginger and lemon! It’s a bacteria fighting mixture!

I used 5×3 cm ginger and half a lemon. I boiled them for hour and a half with 1,5 cup of water,then let it cool down. Transferred them into my magic bullet and blended it into a smooth mixture and put it into a little jar.cold1Just one teaspoonful was enough for me for 1 teacup.

I had few drinks of the home made cold remedy and plenty of rest and I was ready to conquer the world, well Nuit Blanche 🙂

cold2Since YOU are probably not allergic to honey, feel free to add honey as well…it’s been used for medicine over four thousand years  so it’s proven to be AWESOME. I wish I could!

I wish you all a wonderful fall…without getting a cold!

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