Challenge: Pumpkin Loaf

Went to the store and bought a bottle of pumpkin beer and took out my loaf pan…just like it read on Chatelaine Cooking Club challenge page.  Obedient like I am, I followed the orders :).  I always have pie fillings in my pantry so I already had the  pumpkin pie filling and all the other baking stuff needed.  Here is the recipe:


Here’s my little baby 🙂


To be honest I have never liked pumpkin in my life.  My parents never forced me to eat any vegetables I didn’t like, so I don’t have bad feelings because of that.  I just really did not like the taste/texture of it.  Not until this pumpkin bread came along! This was actually very delicious with the Greek Yogurt Icing (1 portion of Greek Yogurt, half a portion of icing sugar and drop of vanilla).


BUT WAIT, there is more!  I also made pumpkin muffins, same recipe, had to go out to buy more pumpkin beer. Since nobody drank the leftover beer and it went bad.


Next time, I really want to add white chocolate chips.  I think they would go awesome in it!  What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Challenge: Pumpkin Loaf

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