Maiu loves Buddy

Today was a big day for Maiu.  Buddy Valastro, ( a.k.a. The RSP_7833Cake Boss ) was in Toronto, at Toronto Congress Centre.  He was the main attraction at Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show.  It’s the event of the year for people who love to bake, cook and decorate!  Simply put, Maiu was in paradise!   The main reason we went was because she wanted a picture with Buddy and to tell him how big (correction – huge) of a fan that she is.  I’m pretty sure that he’s heard it all before but it would of meant so much for her to tell him, and would have meant a lot to me to see how happy she would have been.  This may be the first signs of her becoming a stalker though, so I’m keeping a close eye.

So, on with the show.  When we entered, we were given a shopping bag of goodies.  I have to point out that the bag itself has a big picture of Buddy on it.  Both sides.  Maiu was very excited about this.  (stalker).  The bag was filled with recipe booklets.  After a quick look through these, I was sure that these would come in handy later on.

Other than a close encounter with Buddy, Maiu also had her sights set on getting some fondant and a cookie press.  I can safely say that we succeeded with both of these.  As far as the fondant goes, we purchased a package of white, and one called Sexy Pink.  I’m looking forward to see what she’ll do with that one.

The theme this year for the show was Alice in Wonderland, and there was a cake decorating competition on this theme.  The cakes were absolutely amazing.  Here are a few of them.RSP_7838

So after walking around the show floor for about 30 minutes, we come across the Cake Boss booth.  We could tell he’s there because of the insanity all around.  Here’s what we had to fight to get a glimpse of the cake god.


If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear the Beatles just showed up.  Anyways it turned out that we were about 10 minutes late for the big ‘meeting’.  We wish all the best to Mr Cake Boss from afar and I’m sure he got more than enough love from the fans who did manage to meet him.RSP_7880

When we get to New York one day, I will make sure that a trip to Carlos Bakery will be on the itinerary (yes, Maiu already has the address).

His booth as it turns out, was a filled with new products which will now be carried at Canadian Tire.   Some of these products were showcased when he hit the main stage later on.  I have to hand it to him, the man has the gift of gab.  What a showman.

All and all, a great day out.  Thanks Cake Boss, for getting us out of the kitchen.

To all who got out to the show, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  To those who didn’t, I hope you liked my fine reporting.



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