Paté Chinois – a.k.a. The French Canadian version of Sheppard’s Pie

Hey kids, you’re in for special treat today.  I’ve enjoyed this dish since I was a kid, and it’s been a family favourite for decades.  Paté Chinois, a French Canadian version of Sheppard’s Pie.  It keeps the Sheppard’s Pie basics with ground beef and mashed potatoes, but instead of peas, carrots and gravy we use creamed corn.

You will need 2 pounds of ground beef, 1 medium onion, 2 cans of creamed corn, 5 or 6 medium potatoes, 2 hard boiled eggs and some spice. I used Kartulimaitsaine.  A very special European meat spice made by Santa Maria.

The first step is to peel the potatoes. If you’ve got kids, this is a great project for them. I don’t have any, and my dog refuses to peel them for me (I can’t ask Maiu to do this) so I’m stuck doing it myself.  Maiu was brought up with “If you leave eyes on your peeled potatoes, you will never have a husband”.  Apparently I will never have a husband.

Anyways, now that they’re peeled, get these boiling. We’re making mashed potatoes.  You can also leave the peel on if you like that, or are just feeling lazy.

Now we’re going to chop the onion using my all purpose food processor (see image below).


Once you’ve got them chopped up, throw them into a hot pan with butter, margarine or your oil of choice until golden brown.


Next up is the beef. Throw this in with the onions and cook on medium until cooked through. While this is cooking, you can add your favorite meat spice.  Once the meat is cooked, drain the grease and spoon the beef into 2 casserole dishes until they are about one third full.

See those 2 boiled eggs that are sitting there doing nothing?  Slice them up and place them on top of the ground beef.


I bought a 2 dollar egg slicer a few years ago. This thing is a time saver/finger saver.  I love it. One of my many kitchen tools which I will be writing about…sooner or later.

Now we can open up those two cans of creamed corn and pour this over the eggs/meat.  I like Paté Chinois really creamy, so I end up using both cans.  This should fill the each casserole dish up to about 2/3 full-ish.  This way we’ve got room for the mashed potatoes.


Time for the mashed potatoes.  We’ve got options here.  Make your mashed the way you like.  I like to add butter and milk to mine.  Some people use a potato masher, other use a hand blender, and still other (like me today) use a hand blender to get really creamy potatoes.   Anything goes.

Carefully spoon small amounts of potatoes of potatoes over the creamed corn.  You have to be careful here.  You want to layer this, and keep the potatoes on top.  Today I’m using an icing piper for my potatoes.  I could have used a pastry bag, but I don’t have one, yet.


This will make it really easy to add the potato layer, and make a fancy design.


Now, it’s time to through these babies into the over.  Since everything here is already cooked, all we’re doing is heating it up.  350F for about 15-20 minutes should do it.  The final step will be to add an extra 5 minutes or so under the broiler.  This will give the top a nice crust.


This gives us 6 servings.  3 per dish.

Bon Appetit my friends,


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