Two tries at Pad Thai

I need to confess, this is not our first blog.  It grew out from another blog that I’ve had for almost a year with my friend, but that blog is a beauty/fashion and cooking blog. Since I’m more of a cooking person now, nose in the flour all the time, Rob and I decided that it’s time to make our own family blog.  The reason I bring this up is because I have only ever used rice noodles once before, but I didn’t want to re-use that recipe here, I will just link it – Rice noodles . They did not impress me very much, or maybe I wasn’t ready yet!

I made Pad Thai twice this week! With the first attempt, I used egg noodles (actually I thought these were rice noodles, embarrassing – I know…oh well)! But then…I wanted to make it the right way – the real thing!

IMGP5067*First attempt,  I call it “The beginners Pad Thai” It was delicious!!!!!! I love egg noodles!

First time around I did not use tamarind as well, believe me, I looked from 3 different stores (Metro, No Frills, FreshCo) BUT did not find any.  We finally found tamarind fruit from the 4th store – Walmart (thank you so much)!  I was so happy!  I didn’t know yet how much work it will be to make the paste 🙂

IMGP5084The pods must be opened and the fruit removed. You need to place fruits in a sauce pan with only a little bit of water (3 to 4 Tbsp. water to 1/4 cup fruit) and simmer 10 to 15 minutes to soften.

IMGP5091*cute 🙂

Then comes the fun part 🙂 I had to strain all of what I just cooked up! I tried to get as much pulp as possible. And because I only had a small tea strainer it took me forever!!! Mental note – buy a larger strainer!

IMGP5100I only used half of the package, which is 250 g and I got 130 g of pulp! Pretty good I think since the seeds were pretty big inside, looked a lot like cherry seeds.

IMGP5104Anyways I was so very happy when I was done with the tamarind paste.  I used 3/4 of tablespoons from it and froze the rest in ice cube tray for next time!

How this recipe came to life? I did a very good research of what Pad Thai is and what suppose to be in there, so here is what I came up with 😉 NOTE: This is the first time for me to taste Pad Thai! How do I know if it turned out like the authentic pad Thai – because Rob is pretty good Pad Thai expert, not making it but eating it!

Here´s what you need for PAD THAI (makes 4 servings):

Half a pack Thai rice noodles (225g), linguini-width

1 cups chopped chicken filet

4 cloves garlic, minced

small ginger

3 cups fresh bean sprouts

half an onions (or more, up to you)

1/3 cup crushed peanuts (optional)

Half a pack of tofu


3/4 Tbsp. tamarind paste

1/4 cup chicken stock

2 Tbsp. fish sauce

1 tsp. cornstarch

3 Tbsp. soy sauce

3 Tbsp. brown sugar

1/8 tsp. ground black pepper

Let’s get to work:

1. Fry tofu to golden brown, set aside/ Boil your noodles, also set aside

IMGP51152. Fry chicken with butter or oil, set aside. I used butter

3. Mix together the sauce in a medium bowl- mix 3/4 Tbsp. tamarind paste with 1/4 cup warm water, add 3 tbsp brown sugar. Mix. Then add the fish sauce, chicken stock and black pepper. In a smaller bowl mix together corn starch and soy sauce and add it to the mix. When the mixture is ready add chicken and cut up tofu cubes into the bowl to marinade.

4.  Fry up onions, garlic and ginger in a wok pan. I like my onions caramelized so I fried them about 10 minutes and  then added a little bit of water.

5. My favourite part – add noodles and the chicken sauce mixture on top of  the onion mixture. Mix well. Simmer for a little bit!

IMGP51196. Now add bean sprouts! Or you can add them later onto your plate! Up to you! I like mine a little cooked up (like 5 minutes or so), Rob likes them raw. So we compromised – I cooked some and Rob just washed and put them into his plate.

7. Also optional – peanuts. There’s a lot of allergies out there so be careful and don’t use any nuts when you’re allergic!!! We didn’t use any peppers or chilli in the same reason!

IMGP5124When we were done with the second Pad Thai attempt we happened to go to our corner store and what did we find – Tamarind paste! 🙂 It was just so funny!

I liked both of my Pad Thai´s, I think I´m ready for rice noodle dishes now 🙂 It was very very good!

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