Salmon Chowder

After six hours of shopping on Sunday, our legs hurt and we were so very tired and when we got home we wanted something really great for dinner. They say that milk is the ultimate post workout food so one peek into the fridge and decision was made – salmon chowder.  Anyways true or false I started to chop the ingredients.  Since we had only smoked salmon at home, we decided to use the smoked version. Usually we use fresh salmon.

Since I was pretty tired and I almost forgot to add the salmon, noticed in the last minute 🙂 Oh well this time I was lucky 🙂

Smoked salmon (approx 100 g)
2 big carrots
5-6 medium potatoes
1 onion
one cub of corn
250ml 18% milk
250 ml 2% milk
2 tbsp of flour
butter for frying , salt

salmon-1First I cut the carrots and onion into cubes and fry them with butter.  I used another pan to fry cubed potatoes and salmon, also with butter.  When carrots and onions are soft I add the corn to the mix for few minutes.salmon-2Now add all the milk to the pot – 18 %, 2% and 200 ml of cold water mixed with 2 tbsp of flour.  You need to use cold water otherwise the flour will go clumpy.  When everything is nice and cooked I add everything into the pot and let it start boiling then remove from heat. And ready it is.

With preparation time it will take approximately 30 min to make.

I’m crazy about garlic bread so I also made garlic bread to go with the soup. That’s easy – spread the butter on both sides of the bread (I used rye), and top it with garlic! salmon-3

This soup is very creamy because of the 18 % milk (creamer) but if you prefer lighter soup, use only 2 % milk. But I’m telling you it is absolutely worth using the 18% milk. So delicious.

I  decided that I prefer the salmon soup with fresh salmon instead of smoked one.

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