Jumbleberry Tarts

Maiu likes to take part in as many cooking challenges possible.  It’s very exciting for her and for me too.  I get to try all these new awesome foods.   Well, don’t always turn out to be the way she wants but she keeps trying again and again, until it’s perfect.

I know that she is very excited about Chatelaine cooking challenges.  One day I found a recipe printed out on our computer desk. It said – Jumbleberry Tarts.  No idea what jumbleberry was.  Turns out it’s a combination of 3 berries – strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.  “It can’t be that difficult”, I thought to myself and started to gather all the ingredients for the jam and for the tarts.  RECIPE – Jumbleberry Tarts from Chatelaine Cooking ClubTART-1Oh boy, was I wrong 🙂 Making the dough was not easy, the first dough didn’t turn out like it was suppose to.  I could not use a rolling pin on it, but the second one was alright. Honestly making the tarts, I just used my hands and fingers to mold the dough and pieced it together to a muffin pan. Rolling the flowers on top was a completely different story, it took some time and effort.tart-2Making the jam was easy. Wow. Why haven’t I made jam before. You just add all the berries, sugar and pectin. Recipe. Very easy. Even a man can do an easy task like that.

TARTS-4But overall it was worth every minute of it, not only did they tast awesome but the look on my wife’s face when she came back from the shopping tour. That was priceless.TARTSBecause I made the tarts, she decided not to enter the challenge this time.Tarts,runner-up

Next challenge is fresh-baked cookies and we are gonna enter it – both of us!!!

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