Tortilla pizza

Last night was pizza night. We are not very big fans of pizza because it’s very “bready” BUT last night we tried something new! Instead of pizza dough we used tortillas with our favourite pizza toppings. I’m sure it’ s nothing new in the cooking world, it was new for us.tortilla-pizza-1We used tortillas (I like corn tortillas, Rob likes original ones), German salami, cheese, blue cheese, tomato, olives, mushrooms and pizza sauce. Usually I buy fresh vegetables, not sure why I grabbed the canned mushrooms. I guess it was just sitting there next to pizza sauce and caught my attention 🙂tortilla-pizza-2I like to stuff my pizza so it’s overloaded 🙂 So after you add all the toppings, put it in the oven for 15 minutes. If you like your cheese  crusty add 5-10 minutes.

pizza-readyI can’t eat anything without a salad so I added a little bit of baby spinach. Tortilla pizza was delicious and very filling, we could only eat a quarter of it.

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