Double Whammy Lemon Cake

I have never been good with following recipes.  I have always customized them or made up my own, but there was one lady, a fictional one who made me follow the recipes. That woman was Hannah Swensen, a cookie Lady from Lake Eden, from Joanne Fluke’s murder mystery books. I am so very grateful that  I discovered these books. So far there are 17 books in that series. And I have read them all!!! Can’t wait for the next one.

So the first recipe that I am going to share with you is very interesting because it has alcohol in it. Vodka, in fact. I am not a big drinker but that sounded so very interesting. So if you are a big fan of vodka or cakes that has alcohol in it, it’ s for you!

Double Whammy Lemon Cake

Preheat oven to 350 F. Use a Bundt pan.

1Zest from 2 small lemons (2 teaspoons)

1 box white cake mix

1 box vanilla instant pudding (not sugarfree, the size that makes 4 servings)

1/2 vegetable oil

1 cup sour cream

1/3 cup vodka (I used Smirnoff Sorbet Light)

4 large eggs

6-ounce package white chocolate chips

Zest your lemons. Measure out 1/2 teaspoon of zest and save it for the frosting. The remainder will go in your cake mix.

Place the dry white cake mix and vanilla pudding mix in the bowl of an electric mixer. Beat them together on a low speed until combined. Add the vegetable oil, sour cream, vodka and lemon zest. Beat on low speed until thoroughly mixed. Mix in the eggs, one at the time on medium speed. Batter should be nice and fluffy.

Mix the chocolate chips in by hand. Don’t over stir.2Spoon the batter into the prepared (use spray oil) Bundt pan.

Bake 350F for 50 minutes until cake tester comes out clean. I had to add 15 extra minutes.

Cool the cake and about 20 min later loosen the edges of the cake and unmold your cake.

Now it’s time to make the frosting

You will need: 1 pound box powdered sugar, 1/2 cup softened butter, 1/4 cup vodka, 2 teaspoons lemon extract, 1/2 teaspoon lemon zest. Reserve a half cup of the powdered sugar and place the rest in a mixing bowl. Beat in the butter. Continue to beat as you drizzle in the vodka and lemon extract. Mix in the lemon zest you reserved for this frosting.

If the frosting is too thick, add a little more vodka. If it’s too thin, add a little of powdered sugar you reserved. Mine came out very creamy and fluffy.

When the frosting is ready, frost your cake.3This cake was by far the most interesting cake I have ever made. I did find it a little strong for me and I only had one piece. Next time instead of the vodka i will use light cream or juice, both in frosting and in cake.

*This recipe is from the latest book, “Red Velvet Cupcake Murder”.

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